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Library Card – Registration

Library Card - Registration

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Please carry your library card when using the library.
The library card is valid in all the libraries of Hokkaido University.

Undergraduate Stutents, Graduate Students

You can use your student I.D. card as your library card.

The Others

You need registration. Please apply at the counter.
In our library, we issue a library card only to the members of the Faculty of Engineering, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, etc.

"Hokkaido University Library Service Application Form" (PDF, 145KB)
   [How to filll out] (in Japanese only)    [Example]
*Since July 28, 2008, the former "Library Card Application Form" and "Library Information Web Service Application Form" have been united into this single common form within Hokkaido University.
*When printing out this form, be sure to print two pages on both sides of a sheet of paper. The form is also provided at the counter.

When you apply, please bring the documents below.

Status Necessary Documents
Faculty, staff, research workers 1. University I.D. card(*), or a copy of your written appointment
2. If you have your own SSOID (= University Staff ID), a document on which the SSOID is printed is necessary.
Research students, auditors, credited auditors University I.D. card (*)
(*) If you are registered in the university for a limited period, and the period is not printed on your I.D. card, a document which shows the period is necessary.

If your status is not included in the table above, please ask the librarian.

It might take a few days to issue a library card.

Top Page > Service Guide: General Library > Library Card