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Precaution for Use

Any unauthorized use may result in the loss of access to the system for the entire university.

  • There is a limit to the number of pages that can be downloaded.
    Do not download more than the page limit for a single title.
    Joint downloading by more than one person in excess of the page limit for a single title is also prohibited.
  • Use it for your own academic research or learning purposes.
    Do not use the downloaded E-Books for any purpose other than your own research and study.
  • Do not share downloaded E-Books.
    Do not share downloaded E-Books within your laboratory, seminar, or group, or transfer, distribute, or redistribute them to third parties.
  • Do not download large numbers of E-Books in a short period of time.
    The provider may consider this as unauthorized access, and your use may be suspended.
    *Please note that the use of the full-text download function of the literature management tool may be considered a mass download.
    *Please disable your browser's link-preloading feature, which may result in unintended access in the background and be considered a mass download.

List of Platforms

This page introduces the main E-Books platforms available at Hokkaido University. Please check the usage notes for each platform.

Request E-Books

If you have an E-Book you would like to use, please apply via Request form. *Libraries make purchasing decisions; requests are not always made available.


  • How to use ProQuest Ebook Central
    You can find instructions for viewing and downloading here.
  • How to use off-campus
    If you want to use off-campus, please log in to the Remote Access Service.
    Some titles are only available on campus. If you do not see this mark [R] when you search the library catalog, please connect to the campus network.

*For inquiries about E-Books, please contact us here.