Ask Library Staff

All the students and staff of Hokkaido University can get advice from library staff about how to find information. We suggest that you use not only materials and facilities, but also staff for your study! You can ask online as well as visit us between 9am-5pm on weekdays at Central Library.

If what you would like to search is clear, please ask here. We will check the questions posed at night or on holiday on the next weekday.

If what you would like to search is unclear, we suggest that we discuss it in person. It is helpful to let us know what and when you would like to ask in advance.

- If you could read Japanese, please visit the following Web sites before asking
- Research Navi : National Diet Library introduces the useful information sources. There are some English guides.
- Collaborative Reference Databases : Libraies in Japan reserve the research cases they dealt with.
- Bibliographic Search by the Internet, 2013 edition : Mr. Tamio Ito introduces the Web sites which are useful for bibliographic search. *As of Febrary, 2013

- We cannot answer the following questions:
- direct answer to assignments, medical consultations, legal advice, appraisement of antiquarian books or art, individual privacy, and things beyond reference work of university library.

* The non-members of Hokkaido University can ask here, and we answer only the following questions: (1) holding of the specific material, (2) bibliographic information of the specific literature, (3) how to use the library.

- Contact Information
Hokkaido University Library Reference Section
TEL 011-706-2973
FAX 011-746-4595
E-Mail ref[at] *please replace [at] with @