Use of PC, Internet connection, etc.

Use of Library's PCBring in your own PC
Print out

In Central Library and North Library, you can use the internet from your PC, Library PC, ELMS PC or Guest PC. Please observe the "Guidelines for Information Ethics at Hokkaido University"

You need your ID/Password or check at a counter to use.
Non-university members can use only specified PC within limited purpose.

And more, there are Online Public Access Catalog-only PCs, can be used by everyone.

Use of library PC

Central library(2nd floor Center bldg.)
in front of counter
Guest PC (2)
Please check in at counter for use these PCs.
Time limit is 30 minutes, you can renewable once(more 30 minutes).
Printing out is available on Mon-Fri, 9:00-16:40(except for some of e-journals and databases).
You cannot bring out data with USB flash memory or other device.
You cannot use the Internet or Microsoft office software.
Central library(2nd South bldg.)
Literacy Room
ELMS PC (26)
Only available to HU members(※)
(See also: Literacy Room Schedule)
Central library(2nd South bldg.)
Sky Open Area (Open-area)
ELMS PC (35)
Only available to HU members(※)
Central Library(3rd floor South bldg.)
Central library(4th floor Entrance bldg.)
Group Study Room 1,2,3
ELMS PC(each one)
North Library(2nd East bldg.)
Multimedia room
ELMS-PC (42)
North Library(2nd and 3rd floors West bldg.)
ELMS-PC(20 PCs on the 2nd floor, 25 PCs on the 3rd floor)

※To connect the internet and use ELMS-PC, you need ID/password.

Bring in your own PC

All floors at Central Library except the silent area
(4th floor East bldg and 5th floor South bldg are silent area. You cannot bring a keyboard.)
If you are University member, you can connect your own PC to internet with wireless LAN.
eduroam is also available.
All floors at North Library
North Library(4th floor East bldg and 2-4th floors West bldg.) There are the area have LAN socket to connect the internet (For University member only). (※)

※To connect the internet, you need ID/password.

Print out

Central Library 2nd floor South bldg.
Sky Open Area (Open area) (1)
(Only coin is available)
PDF files in USB flash drive is printable.
1. Save PDF file(not other type file such as word ) to USB flash drive in advance.
2. Insert the USB flash drive in a copy machine, then select your file.
3. Insert a copy card in the copy machine or coin.
4. After printing finished, remove USB flash drive.
North Library 2nd floor East bldg.
Multimedia room (2)
(Coin and Copy Card is available)

※Only A4 size can be printed.
※Supported typey is PDF(ver 1.3 or above), TIFF and JPEG, except password-protected PDF.
※This copy machine supports USB 2.0.
USB3.0 or flash drive which storage over128GB is not supported.