Use of Language Materials, Audio Visual Materials and Microfilms

Use Language Materials(CD etc.)Use Audio &Visual Materials (DVD, Video etc.)
Use Microfilms, MicrofichesUse CD-ROM Materials

Use Language Materials(CD etc.)

Language Materials are available at both Central and North Library.

Silent Language Laboratory, Central Library You can use language learning items in the booth.
NO BOOKING is required.
* You are NOT allowed to speak in the booth. Please leave the door open while use.
Language Laboratory ( Multimedia Area ) ,2nd floor ,North Library Booking is required.
Please click here for more details.

Materials are on the shelf next to the counter.Choose a material and bring it to the counter. You can use the language booth for your vocal training.
Please notify the circulation staff when you are using private materials.

Use Audio &Visual materials (DVD, Videos etc.)

You can use Audio & Visual Materials such as DVD, Video etc.
Please bring the material with package and watch it in the booth.
Leave it to the return desk when you finish using.
If your selected material has only an empty case, please exchange it for an audio-visual disc at the Counter.

Use Microfilms, Microfiches

You can use the microreader in front of the counter, 2nd floor, Central Library where you can see, copy and convert films into pc.
You can only use up to 2 hours when microreaders are busy.

Use CD-ROM Materials

CD-ROM materials are available for in-library use.

In front of the counter, 2nd floor, Central Library Please let us know before use.
You can have the items already installed in PC.