Reference and bibliography management tools

Reference and bibliography management tools (RM tools)

This page introduces assistance tools for collecting, organizing, and using articles and citation information.
These tools are called reference and bibliography management tools, reference manager (management) software, or citation management tools.
For simplicity, in this page, we call the software as “RM tools”.
Hokkaido University library also provides those tools and support to use them.

What is an RM tool?

RM tools is a software tool that supports you to collect articles, manage and organize them, and create a reference list. It is suitable for when you writing a report and an article.
Even has some different functions by each product, generally, with RM tools you can:

  • easily add citing information to the RM tool by importing the information from online databases such as Hokkaido University Library Catalog, CiNii, Web of Science, PubMed, etc.
  • manage citing information by dividing them into folders and tagging it like file management
  • easily create a reference list and cite it in articles and reports with a specified format
  • share a list of the collected articles with a group

Basic functions of Reference and bibliography management tools

Additional features of RM tool for members of Hokkaido University

For these RM tools, a member of Hokkaido University can use additional functions. For more detail, please see the individual pages.

Support Information

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