InCites: a tool for research performance analysis

InCites: a tool for research performance analysis

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What's InCites?

    • InCites is a tool for analyzing research achievements based on research articles and their citation information. It is created based on the data of Web of Science.
    • InCites provides various indicators to measure the research ability of researchers and institutions.
    • You can use objective data to understand the performance of yourself, other researchers, your department, your university, or compare with others.

Available indicators


    • Basic indicators
      • Web of Science Documents: Number of Web of Science Documents
      • Times Cited: Number of times this set of publications has been cited
      • Citation Impact: This indicator shows the average number of citations that a document has received. (Times Cited ÷ Web of Science Documents)
    • Percentage indicators
      • % Documents in Top 10%: This indicator is the top ten percent most cited documents in a given subject category, year and publication type divided by the total number of documents in a given set of documents, displayed as a percentage.
    • Impact indicators
      • Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI): This indicator is calculated by dividing the actual count of citing items by the expected citation rate for documents with the same document type, year of publication and subject area.
    • Collaboration indicators
      • % International Collaborations: Percentage of publications that have international co-authors

Reference information

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