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Service Guide: General Library (Members of Hokkaido University)

Service Guide: General Library (Members of Hokkaido University)

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This page is a guide to the General Library for the members of Hokkaido University.
If you are not affiliated with Hokkaido University, please see "Service Guide: General Library (Outside Users)".

Library Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday (during the vacation) 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, year end and new year holidays Closed

Who Can Use the Library

Our library is open to all the students, faculty and staff of Hokkaido University.
A library card should be always carried and presented when borrowing materials.

Reading, Borrowing, Returning

You are free to read the library materials.

If you wish to borrow materials, please present them at the counter along with your library card.
Reference materials, current issues of periodicals, dissertations, etc., are not available for loan.


Materials Limits Loan Periods
Books 5 volumes 15 days (including the checkout date)
Periodicals 5 volumes 3 days (including the checkout date)

When the library is open, materials must be returned to the counter. When the library is closed, you may return materials to the book post outside the library entrance.
When you have an overdue material, you are not allowed to borrow another one.

Photocopy Service

You can copy the library materials within the limits of the Japanese copyright law.

Copying at University's Expense:
You can use the copy machine in the stacks. (Please obtain permission of your academic supervisor for that.)
If you are a member of the other faculty, please bring "Fukushaki Shiyou Denpyou" (a slip for using the copy machine) of your faculty and present it to the counter.

Copying at User's Own Expense:
There is no copy machine for this use in the library.
Please borrow materials and use a copy machine located outside the library. (ex. in a Hokkaido University Coop store)

Interlibrary Loan

If the materials you need are held in the Faculty of Fisheries, or not available within Hokkaido University, you can make photocopy requests or loan requests from other libraries through interlibrary cooperation.
In our library, only the members of the Faculty and Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, etc. can use this service.

* "Photocopy Service between the Libraries within Sapporo Campus"(written in Japanese only) has been available since April 1, 2009.

You will be charged all the actual costs such as a copy or loan charge, postage, and in some cases a handling charge, etc.
You can pay either at university's expense or at your own expense.

Other Services

These services are only for the members of the Graduate School of Engineering, the Faculty and Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, etc.

  • Purchase requests for the library
  • Registration for the Library Information Web Service
  • Issue a letter of introduction to other university libraries

For further information, please see the Japanese service guide or ask the librarian.

Contact Us

B2, 1st floor, Fac. of Eng. Bldg. [MAP]

TEL: 011-706-6160 (ex. 6136, 6160)
FAX: 011-706-7893

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Hokkaido University
Kita 13, Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-8628

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