For Visitors

Guide of the procedure required for use of the library
(Application acceptance: General Counter in Central Library or North Library)

Hokkaido University Library (Central Library and North Library) is a library that operates with the primary goal of supporting the research and education students, faculty and staff at the university, but it can also be used by anyone for purpose of academic studies.
However, please refrain  from using for library about High school students and below, preparatory school students, and come along with infants.
You cannot use to studying for entrance examinations in the Library.
Furthermore, please understand that Hokkaido University members given preference over the visitors to use the library. Visitors may restrict to use the library during the regular examination periods.

* There are no parking facilities. Please use public transportation when you visit Library.

* There are each branches Libraries in Hokkaido University. Please make sure in advance whether the materials you need are available for Visitors.
(List of each branches Libraries)


One day Pass Card
(Just reading)
This card is for reading and photocopy service in the library for the day.
Please bring  any Government-issued ID card (Drivers license card, Insurance card, Individual number card, Passport, etc.) to the counter with fill in "One-day pass application form".
If you wish to check out Alumni, a person who lives in Hokkaido and aged 20 or above, or researchers of other institution can check out books in the library.
(For non-member of Hokkaido University) About Borrowing or Photocopying materials that Hokkaido University is holding via other University/Public library Non-member of Hokkaido University, through your university/public library, can request books and photocopies of journal articles that Hokkaido University Library has.

●During University examination period, Central library will limit our library service for non-members of Hokkaido University only to check-out and return.