Northern Studies Collection

Northern Studies Collection

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Closed Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, New Year holidays
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Northern Studies Collection Introduction The Northern Studies Collection collects and reserves materials relating to northern regions, including Hokkaido, Sakhalin, the Kurile Islands, the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Siberia and the Arctic Circle.
The Northern Studies Collection also houses the Hokkaido Archives (Hokkaido University Historical Materials Room), which keeps and exhibits documents, publications, photos and other memorials of Hokkaido University, including those from the temporary school of the Hokkaido Development Commission and Sapporo Agricultural College (its predecessor).
Northern Studies Collection Database
Northern Studies Collection Database (In Japanese Only)

Materials in the Northern Studies Collection General books, Manuscript books/ancient documents, Letters, Maps/graphics, Photos, Audio materials and others.

Use of the Northern Studies Collection Students/staff of Hokkaido University and visitors can use this room.
Visitors are requested to visit the counter of the Northern Studies Collection when entering the room.

How to use materials Most of the materials housed by the Northern Studies Collection are arranged in the Stack Room.
(Entering the Stack Room) Only staff and graduate students of the university are permitted to enter the Stack Room.
(Requests to access and borrow materials) Those wishing to use materials should search for them in advance through the online OPAC (Note 1), Northern Studies Collection (Note 2) catalog or other tools, complete a library material request form and hand it in at the counter. Visitors are allowed to read the materials in the Northern Studies Collection only.
(Copying materials) Users wishing to obtain copies of materials housed by the Northern Studies Collection should ask at the counter. Please understand that copying for many materials is prohibited in the interests of preventing deterioration. It is permissible, however, to photograph some such materials.
(Loan period/volume limits)
User Volume limit Loan period
Teaching staff/honorary professors
Graduate/research students
of Hokkaido University
5 books 30 days
Undergraduate/auditing students
Personnel excluding teaching staff
of Hokkaido University
3 books 15 days

Note 1:
OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is a system that enables searching for materials located in the libraries of Hookaido University through computer terminals.

Note 2:
The Northern Studies Collection database allows searching for manuscript books, ancient documents, letters, maps, graphics, photos and other materials housed by the Northern Studies Collection. Searches can be performed by material name and author name, and access to images and texts for some materials is also available.