About Registration

◆ About Registration

● Eligibility

Members of Hokkaido University

● How to apply

How to register is different by the "the service which you want to use", "status". Please refer to below.


the service which you want to use
status Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan Requests using private expense Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan Requests using university’s expense Library Web Service other than Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan Requests
Faculty/Staff who has SSO-ID Registration not required
*The person who became member of Hokkaido University in the middle of the year may need registration
Before application you need to register. Refer to "2. Submit of Application Form" Registration not required
Undergraduate student, Graduate student
Other user than the above and who has Library card refer to "1. Registration of Password"
User who doesn't have Library card You need to make your Library Card. Please refer here.

1. Registration of Password

You can register at near library.

* User who has SSO-ID or ELMS-ID use the password of those system.
* Even if has SSO-ID, user who does not have IC card needs to make your Library card. Please refer here.

2. Submit of Application Form

Please print out a "Hokkaido University Library Service Application Form", and submit the completed version to the near library.
PDF => Please use both sides of the paper when printing out this form. It is also available at libraries.


● Guide to Completing an Application
For a detailed Guide to Completing an Application, click here (PDF) (In Japanese only).
For a sample, click here (PDF) (In Japanese only).

  • For Book Purchase Requests and Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan Service at the University's expense, enter the name of the person who will authorize the purchase, affix his or her seal in the Budget Registration column and complete the form.
  • At Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan Service, you can't use Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research in most case. If you use Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, please contact near library.
  • Please be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly, as e-mail is our primary means of communication.

◆ What Do You Do When...

● Forgotten passwords

○ User who does not have SSO-ID or ELMS-ID
Please register a new password at the near library.
○ User who has SSO-ID
For contact information, click here (In Japanese only).
○ Undergraduate student, Graduate student who has ELMS-ID
Please apply at South Building of Information Initiative Center.
●How to change your SSO password
Perform "SSOシステムパスワード変更" at the lower right side of the page shown immediately after you login to the SSO system. For details, please see How to change your SSO password (In Japanese only).
If you have changed your password after December 21, 2009, your latest password is required for authentication.