Northern Campus Library

Please also access the main page. We describe it in Japanese and English as much as possible.

Northern Campus Library is the point of library services for the following departments:
- Research Institute for Electronic Science : RIES
- Institute for Catalysis : ICAT
- Arctic Research Center : ARC
- Creative Research Institution : CRIS
If you belong to one of the departments above, please feel free to contact us.

- HINES-WLAN and eduroam are available.
- About 21,000 books/journals and Japanese 6 newspapers are available.

Opening Hours
Open : Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00
Closed : Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and New Year Holidays
* Opening hours may change. Please contact us in advance when visiting from afar.
* Even if being closed,if your laboratory is located in
- Northern Campus Sousei Building or
- Northern Campus Building No.5
and you have a student / staff card,
you can use it and enter this library.

* On October 20th 2020, Northern Campus Library will open from 1PM.

On-Demand Guidance
We'd be happy to offer guidance on library services to students, faculty and staff of RIES, ICAT, ARC, and CRIS.

Borrowing Materials (Only for Hokkaido University members)
- Borrowing limit : 3 volumes
- Borrowing period : 3 weeks