Hokkaido University Library Mission

Hokkaido University Library Mission

Library Committee Ruling of March 17, 2014

 Hokkaido University Library collects, provides, and disseminates scholarly information as intellectual assets of human beings, based on the four basic philosophies of Hokkaido University: "Frontier Spirit", "Global Perspectives", "All-round Education", and "Practical Learning" in order to function as a place of intersection and creation of knowledge for the future. To achieve the aim, we set the following goals:

Teaching and Learning Support

 We support the development of students who want to learn and solve problems on their own by providing a wealth of information accessible in a comfortable and stimulating learning space.

Research Support

 In order to advance world-class research, we maintain an environment comprised of information Hokkaido University researchers require so they will have available to them the information resources they need on a continuous basis. Furthermore, we are also responsible for preservation and dissemination of research output.

Contribution to Society and Globalization

 As the only comprehensive university library within the Hokkaido area, we support other libraries and lifelong learning for local residents. We also collaborate with university libraries overseas and promote international exchange.

Organization Management

 We cooperate and collaborate with students, staff, and researchers and aim to become an organization that strengthens the functions of teaching and research support. In addition to their specialized knowledge on library and academic information circulation, our library staff strives to hone their professional skills to respond to societal changes that affect academia.