Used Book Donations


Used Book Donations

Thank you for your cooperation !

Total amount received in donations: Yen orange3 orange5 orange2 orangecomma orange7 orange7 orange0 (6,411 books)
(from 20 Jan. to 31 Dec., 2016)

About Used Book Donations

"Used Book Donations" is a scheme for transforming your books into monetary donations for Hokkaido University Library. The Library will use the donations for education and research support activities, such as books for students and library furniture.

You are welcome to participate. Please agree to the Terms and Conditions for participation.

Donation stations are in Central Library and North Library as mapped below.

  • Central Library

Map of the Donation station in Central Library

  • North Library

Map of the Donation station in North Library

Contact : huruhon-bokin [at]

Note: Encyclopedia and weekly magazines cannot be purchased.

The stations are sponsored by "Call for Proposals: Creating a Sustainable Campus" conducted by Office for a Sustainable Campus, Hokkaido University.Office for a Sustaibable Campus Logo (S)

Terms and Conditions

Participants in the Used Book Donations conducted by Hokkaido University Library (hereafter as " participants "), are assumed that they have agreed to the following contents.

1. Participants donate their own books (hereafter as " used books") to the Hokkaido University Library (hereinafter as " the Library ")
2. The Library sells all used books to the secondhand bookshop that the Library has contracted, and will not return them to the participants.
3. The right to receive all proceeds of the sale belongs to the Library. The Library will not pay any money to participants.
4. The Library spends all proceeds of the sale for education and research support activities that the Library does.