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About “Isanatori-Ekotoba” (勇魚取絵詞)

About "Isanatori-Ekotoba" (勇魚取絵詞)


"Isanatori-Ekotoba" (勇魚取絵詞) is an illustrated book about traditional Japanese whaling by fishery company Masutomi in Misakiura Bay of Ikitsuki Island, which is located in current Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Since there is an afterword written by a Japanese scholar Tomokiyo Oyamada in 1829, it is thought that Masutomi made the book around this age.

The original version consists of two main volumes and an additional volume named "Geiniku-Chomikata" (鯨肉調味方). They are folding books with single-color woodblock prints.

Our library holds the version of a single folding book with colored manuscripts.

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