【North Library】Restart of Group Study Rooms Booking Service on September 14

North Library restarts Group Study Rooms booking service on September 14, 2022.

Conditions of Use
・Only available for learning purposes. They cannot be used for purposes other than study, such as circle activities or job-hunting activities.
・Please be sure to operate the ventilation fan in the room while using it.
・Please wear a mask in the room and keep your voice down when talking.
・To prevent infectious diseases, please use the room with a maximum of 6 people.

Please refer to “How to use Group Study Rooms (North Library)”(JPG) for details.

How to Use
When you want to use a group study room, you need to make a booking online in advance.
Please go to the link below and make a booking.
*Bookable or cancellable schedule is from the next day to one week ahead via the web form. If you want to make a booking or cancellation on the day, please visit the circulation desk of the North Library.

Group Study Rooms Booking Service of North Library (Only for members of HU)

• For the time being, only rooms A and B will be available. Please wait until rooms C and D are ready.

2022/09/13 11:35