Opening schedule during spring vacation (Central Library and North Library )

Library hours during spring vacation is as below.
For details, please check the Library calendar.
* We will inform you of the opening schedule after April as soon as it is decided.

Library hours during spring vacation
Central Library : Tuesday 15th February -Thursday 31st March
North Library : Saturday 5th February -Thursday 31st March
※Please note that the period is different between Central Library and North Library.
Library hours
Weekdays : 10:30~17:00
Holidays : 11:00~17:00

Shortened opening days
To maintain the facility
Central Library : Thursday 17th March
Library hours : 13:00~17:00
North Library : Tuesday 15th March
Library hours : 13:00~17:00

Parts of library services are unavailable.
Please check here.
The schedule depends on the levels of Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
When BCP Level is changed, the schedule is changed too.
*For non-members of Hokkaido University
Central library and North library are not available for non-members of HU at this time.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Central Library
North Library
TEL:(011)706-5575 FAX:(011)706-7851

2022/01/25 15:19