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E-journals and E-books can be searched through the following system

E-Journals・E-Books Portal


Databases can be accessed through the following web page.

Database web page

  • Some databases can not use via remote access. Please confirm the icon at the results page. About the icon, please refer to this page.

Tips : Easy way to access frequently used E-journals, E-books, Databases

Almost all of the contents and databases can access easily by the following steps. If you use same contents frequently, we will recomend this tip.

  1. Log in the remote access service.
  2. Pursue the Hokkaido University Library catalog or Database page, then access the webpage of your purposes.
  3. Confirm the URL including the strings "ezoris.lib.hokudai".
  4. Save the URL for the internet browser.
  5. Afterword, in the case of not accessed on the remote access service, access the saved URL. then firstly you will get the remote access login page. After the login, you can use the contents or databases directly.
  6. After the using, please click the “Log out” button. (Especially, in the case of a PC that share with somebody)