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[EJEBLOGO] E-journals and E-books can be searched through the following system ...

Hokkaido University Library Catalog

* After successfully switching to "Hokkaido University Library Catalog", enter keywords (or title of the book) in the search column just as you normally do. Then select "E Resource" in the "Filtering Item" on the left panel of the page to narrow the results only to e-resource.- Here you can search with DOI and/or PubMed ID (PMID) in addition to book/journal title, author names, and any key words.

E-Journals・E-Books Portal

[DBLOGO] Databases can be accessed through the following web page.

Database web page

  • Some databases can not use via remote access. Please confirm the icon at the results page. About the icon, please refer to this page.

Inquiries about Remote Access Service
Please open a new window or tab in your browser, go to the Remote Access login page, and use the contact form linked from the bottom of that page. If you follow the link from this screen to open the contact form, the Remote Access feature will prevent you from using the form properly.