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Remote Access Service:Frequently Asked Questions
This FAQ page provides information to solve remote access services problems.

If you have a question or a trouble with remote access, please contact us using this form.

Remote access service changed login process for faculty, staff and student on 22 Mar 2022. Detail are available in the post on 15 Mar 2022.

We're sorry but following contents are temporarily unavailable.

  • Wiley Online Library (PDF issue with specific browser) (2022/4/6)
    - It is known that the error connecting to Wiley Online Library PDFs via Remote Access Service with specific web browser (Chrome and Edge). There is no matter with Firefox. On Firefox, the site shows "the site will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it", but the link in a new window works correctly.
    - Or, please consider to try accssing with GakuNin (Shibboleth).
  • Google Scholar (2022/3/22)