Use of the chemical information databases CAS SciFinder and Reaxys

All members of the university (students, faculty, staff, etc.) can use the chemical information databases CAS SciFinder and Reaxys. We hope you will make use of this service for your research and education.

■ CAS SciFinder

<About CAS SciFinder

CAS SciFinder is a search tool for chemical information. It is used at the forefront of research and development, from basic chemical research such as reactions and synthesis of substances to the development of pharmaceuticals and materials. It enables comprehensive searches of information on chemistry, including not only papers and patents from around the world, but also chemical substances and their regulatory information, and reagent catalog information.

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■ Reaxys

<About Reaxys>

Reaxys is one of the world's largest compound and reaction databases containing chemical reaction information and measured properties. Covering a wide range of chemical fields from organic chemistry to inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and coordination chemistry, Reaxys helps all researchers involved in materials chemistry research to improve workflow efficiency.

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