Hult Prize @HU and North Library book exhibition now being held !

Hult Prize is a competition in which students from all over the world form a team to come up with ideas and make presentations in English in order to solve social issues on a global scale. This year's theme is "Redesigning Fashion".

Oncampus program 2022 Final competition will be held on November 26th.
Accordingly, the North Library is exhibiting books on output, business thinking, and group working skills selected by members of Hokkaido University Hult Prize.
There are also comments from the members, so please take a look.

A list of exhibition books is also available at Booklog.(Here!


[Period] - November 28th (Mon)
[Place] Exhibition space on the 2nd floor of the North Library
・You can borrow any book

2022/11/02 15:00