Online Seminar: Writing a Manuscript for Journal Submission (12/1) [英語論文執筆セミナー]

先端人材育成センター・I-HoP主催の英語論文執筆セミナー「Writing a Manuscript for Journal Submission」がオンラインで開催されます。


"Writing a Manuscript for Journal Submission", an online seminar organized by I-HoP, will be held.

The seminar is held in English and is intended primarily for young researchers who are submitting a paper to an international journal for the first time.

【Date/Time】 2022/12/1 (Thu) 15:30-17:00
【Place】 Online (Zoom video Webinar)
【Application (by 11/25, 16:00) and more information】 URL:
【Organizer】 Center for Advanced Human Resource Education and Development [先端人材育成センター・I-HoP] / Library [附属図書館]

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