Seminar on CAS SciFindern in English will be held online on Oct. 24th, 2022

We will hold an online seminar on chemical information databases "CAS SciFindern" .
This is a good opportunity for you to use the useful database for your chem study and research.

■ What is CAS SciFindern?

CAS SciFindern is an essential tool for chemists.
It enables you to search not only papers and patents but also chemicals reaction information.

■ About this seminar

      • This seminar will be held with "Webex" and given in English.
      • A professional instructor shows you how to use the databese to search for papers and other information such as substance.
      • You can ask the instructor any questions in the chat.

      ■ → Go to Application form

      This seminar is for members of Hokkaido University.


      DAY TIME
      Monday, October 24, 2022 13:15 - 14:15

      ■ Preparations to enhance the seminar

      • In the seminar, we will use Webex. Please read information written on the e-mail which you will get after you apply.


      • You can use CAS SciFindern while taking the lesson.To use this database, you need to create an account.
      • Please refer to the this page and sign up in advance.


      ■ More Information

      If this schedule is not convenient for you, or if you want to use the database immediately, you can use e-learning and past seminar videos.
      [Click here!]

      ■ CONTACT

      CAS SciFindern Seminar Team, Hokkaido University Library
      E-mail: sr-seminar[at]

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