Language Laboratory Booking Service of North Library (Only for members of HU)

The method of booking facilities will change starting with the slots available on Monday, July 1.
Please see the announcement for details.
Until Sunday, June 23, you can continue to make reservations up to one week in advance from this page.

The North Library limits the use of the Language Laboratory to reservations only.
Please make sure that you confirm the “How to use the Language Laboratory” and fill the booking form below.
Please note that the terms of use are different from the Individual Study Booth of Central Library.

How to use the Language Laboratory(JPG)

[How to Book]
1. Log in to your ELMS account. Click “Google” and select “E-mail” so that you can automatically log in to your Google account.
* Faculties are required to log in with your SSO-ID.

2. Fill the booking form or cancellation form below.

3. Please be sure to check the result of your reservation or cancellation as you will receive it by e-mail of ELMS.

When you book the Language Laboratory, please observe the following:

• You are a student or faculty of Hokkaido University and have your own ELMS/SSO ID.
* For those who do not have your own ELMS/SSO ID but are eager to use the Language Laboratory, please visit the counter. If the booth is vacant and available on the day, we offer you an immediate booking. Please note that immediate booking is available only for the day you visit.

• Only available when you need to speak out for online learning, web meeting, language learning, etc. If you do not need to speak, please use regular readings seats.

• Bookable or cancellable schedule is from the next day to one week ahead. If you want to make a reservation or cancellation on the day, please visit the circulation desk of the North Library.

• Booking is only available once per person. You cannot have more than one booking. New booking will be available from the day you use the booth.

• Language Laboratory can be booked for up to four hours. Bookable schedule is shown as blank on the calendar and up to a week in advance. You are not allowed to extend the length of time to use them.

• If you want to change the schedule, please cancel your first booking on the cancellation form and then make a new one.

• Check a confirmation mail and come to the circulation desk of the North Library on time. Be sure to bring your student/ faculty ID card. After checking, you will receive a key in exchange for your ID-card.

• Please note that your booking will be cancelled if you are more than 30 minutes late from the booking time.
* The booking form is closed for about 5 minutes every midnight due to automatic maintenance.
** You cannot make a booking or cancel during the maintenance period.

Booking Form

Cancellation Form

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