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    Limit on Number of Users:2全文:1981.10-Current
    Social Sciences

    This database includes full-text of '日本経済新聞' since October 1981 (article headings since April 1975). In addition, articles published in other Nikkei papers (日経産業新聞、日経MJ(流通新聞)、日経金融新聞(*)、日経地方経済面、日経プラスワン、日経マガジン), corporate information in 日経会社プロフィル, personnel information in 日経WHO'S WHO are available.
    (*) No longer published or updated

    * You can print out data in this database, but saving the data to any electronic devices is prohibited. Duplicating the printout is also prohibited.
    * "設定", "料金確認", "マイフォルダ", and "クリッピング作成" functions are not available.
    * When you first access the database, "はじめに--設定項目のご案内" pop-up will be displayed. Do not make this settings, and just click [終了] button.