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  • China National Knowledge Infrastracture (CNKI)RemoteAccess
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]

    Limit on Number of Users:31994-Current
    Humanities, Social Sciences

    Of CNKI, Hokkaido University has introduced the following service.

    • 4 subjects of China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ): Literature/History/Philosophy, Politics/Military Affairs/Law, Education/Social Sciences, Economy/Management
      It contains full-text articles from 1994 onward from more than 3,800 core academic journals on the above subjects published in mainland China.
    • Archives:Century Journals Project (CJP) (Politics/Military Affairs/Law)
      You can use CJP in the same way as CAJ. Access CJP via CAJ Cross-database search "China Academic Journals Full-text Database" or CAJ Single Database Search "Century Journals Project".

    ●User's guides (in Japanese) to the new version KNS5.5: [new features] [China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ)]