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  • ざっさくプラス(Zassaku plus : Database for Japanese Magazine and Periodicals From Meiji Era to the Present)RemoteAccess
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index

    Limit on Number of Users:11868-CurrentHumanities, Social Sciences

    A database that seamlessly searches articles of the Japanese journal from the Meiji to the present. ※ You can print out data only within the range that you need as an individual, but you can not provide data or a copy of that data to a third party regardless of charge or gratuities. ※ You can not copy data to USB memory or any other electronic medium.

  • Zoological Record 【2016年購入中止】RemoteAccess FullText
    [Life Sciences]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited2004-2016Life Sciences

    Subscription is canceled at the end of 2016.This database contains bibliographic information, abstracts and records from academic meetings in behavioral biology, conservation biology, ecology, genetics, marine biology, morphology, paleontology, parasitology, taxonomy, veterinary medicine, zootechnical science, etc.
    The Gateway is on the same screen as MEDLINE on Ovid and Biological Abstracts. Select Zoological Record to start search.