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  • ウエストロー・ジャパン(WESTLAW JAPAN)RemoteAccess FullText
    [Social Sciences]Law/Cases, Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index,

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedSocial Sciences

    Law information online service of Westlaw Japan Company. You can search for a wide range of legal information / materials such as laws, judicial precedents, trial decisions, books / magazines, literature information, news articles, etc.

  • Ulrichsweb (Ulrich's Periodicals Directory)RemoteAccess FullText
    Publication/Bibliographic Information

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited is an authoritative knowledgebase of information about more than 300,000 serials of all types from around the world—academic and scholarly journals, peer-reviewed titles, online publications, newspapers and other resources.
    Bibliographic records provide details such as ISSN and title, publisher, online availability, language, subject area, abstracting & indexing coverage, etc.
  • Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography (UDB-BIB)RemoteAccess
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited2014Humanities, Social Sciences


    “Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography (UDB-BIB)”は 下記8タイトルを収録したロシアの総合書誌データベースです。
    - Картографическая летопись(地図年報)
    - Книжная летопись(図書週報)
    - Летопись авторефератов диссертаций(学位論文要旨月報)
    - Летопись газетных статей(新聞記事週報)
    - Летопись изоизданий(芸術季報)
    - Летопись рецензий(書評月報)
    - Летопись журнальных статей(雑誌記事週報)
    - Нотная летопись(音楽季報)

    - Книжная летопись(図書週報)
    - Летопись газетных статей(新聞記事週報)
    - Летопись журнальных статей(雑誌記事週報)

  • UpToDateRemoteAccess FullText

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedMedical

    At our university, you can use "UpToDate", a support resource for diagnosis and treatment policy decision. UpToDate is More than 7,100 doctors create evidence-based medical content and provide information that is easy to refer to in clinical practice. It offers. If you register as a user (account registration), you can use it outside the facility or from your smartphone. Please use all means.

    [UpToDate Features]

    ・Information to support diagnosis and treatment policy (including recommended treatments and drugs)
    ・Covering more than 11,800 clinical topics across 25 specialization areas
    -Links to evidence information (more than 495,000 references, PubMed abstracts/links)
    ・Over 6,500 drug information (including drug interaction tools, including for children, pregnant women, renal dysfunction and liver dysfunction)

    [Link to how-to materials]

    ・UpToDate User Academy
    Related URL: ja/home/user-academy-japan
    ・UpToDate Quick Reference Card (Simple Manual)
    Related URL:
    ・UpToDate Anywhere Registration Guide..... Using UpToDate from off-site/smartphone
    Related URL: