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  • ReaD&ResearchmapFree

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited


  • Rika Nenpyo Premium (Chronological Scientific Tables)RemoteAccess
    [ Science and Engineering]Encyclopedias/Dictionaries/Handbooks,

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1925-Current Science and Engineering

    This is an online version of '理科年表' (Chronological Scientific Tables), a book that provides scientific data of almanac, astronomy, meteorology, phisics/chemistry, earth sciences, biology, and environment edited by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Using this database, you can search for and view data from the first issue in 1925 (Taisho 14) to the latest one.

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  • ReaxysRemoteAccess FullText
    [Chemistry]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index, Encyclopedias/Dictionaries/Handbooks

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedChemistry

    You can search information of chemical compounds, bibliographic data and chemical reactions with this database.

  • Organic compounds (from 1771)
  • Inorganic compounds ・ Organometallic complex (from 1772)
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  • ResearcherIDRemoteAccessFree

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited
    This database provides the global research community on the axis of author index. More than 270 thousand researchers join the database. Each member has a unique identifier to enable them to manage their publications.