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  • OECD iLibraryRemoteAccess
    [Social Sciences]Statistics,

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1998-CurrentSocial Sciences
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    All publications (books, annuals, periodicals, etc.) by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) from 1998 and onwards can be searched for and viewed online.
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    *"OECD.Stat" ( Statistics > Databases > OECD.Stat ) is not available because it is not our subscribed content.

  • Oxford English DictionaryRemoteAccess

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedHumanities
    This collection of dictionaries is one of the world's most prestigious and covers the development of and changes to the English language from the mid-11th century to the present from a historical perspective. The second edition and supplements from 1989 are provided online. "Historical Thesaurus of the OED" is also available.
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