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  • IntegbioデータベースカタログFree
    [Life Sciences]Encyclopedias/Dictionaries/Handbooks

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedLife Sciences

    国内外の生命科学系データベースの所在情報 (URL)と、データベースについての説明や生物種などの基本的な属性情報 (メタデータ)をまとめたデータベースです。

  • IndexCatFree
    [Life Sciences]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited17th-1960Life Sciences
    NLM Copyright Information
    Searches can be made from the Index Catalogue(The Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's Office) , which is the predecessor of MEDLINE.
    Documents as old as those from the 17th century, which are not covered by PubMed, can be searched. Provided by NLM.
  • INIS DatabaseFreeFullText
    [Science and Engineering]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index,

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1970-CurrentScience and Engineering
    Abstract/full-text database on atomic power-related documents from IAEA member nations
    -Documents on peaceful use of atomic 1970-current
    -Documents on economical and environmental status of non-nuclear power sources 1992-current
    Users' manual(PDF)
  • integrumRemoteAccess
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Newspapers, , Statistics

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedHumanities, Social Sciences

    ※Access the above URL and click [Enter (no registration)] button to connect.

    This is an online collection that includes Russia and former Soviet Union republics materials such as Russian central/regional newspapers and periodicals. More than 400 million documents from more than 5,000 titles/resources are included.

      ★Main Menu
    • Artefact…Search documents by query
    • Dictionary of word frequency (beta)…10,000 most mentioned Russian words
    • People today…100 most mentioned people in the press
    • Comparative and relative statistics…Graphical analysis of references to particular objects in the mass media
    • Teletype…Real time news
    • Who? Where? When?…Person-Position-Organization

    About "integrum" (User's Manual in Japanese included)
    User's Manual (Russian)
    User's Manual (English)

  • International Political Science AbstractsRemoteAccess FullText
    [Social Sciences]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index

    Limit on Number of Users:11989-CurrentSocial Sciences
    This database provides abstracts of research papers related to politics, including public laws, international public laws and international relations published in magazines and almanacs.
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