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  • JapanKnowledgeLibRemoteAccess

    Limit on Number of Users:4Humanities

    A database of encyclopedia, dictionaries, series, magazine articles, etc. You can cross-search contents.

  • 古事類苑データベースFree

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1896-1914Humanities


    • テキスト版では、『天部』など4部(8部に拡大予定)のテキストが閲覧可能。
    • 全文・抜粋検索版では、『天部』など4部の全文テキスト、『神祇部』など22部の抜粋テキストに対して、キーワード検索が可能。
  • National Diet Library Digital CollectionsLimited Access
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Newspapers, Dissertations,

    Limit on Number of Users:1Humanities, Social Sciences


    • インターネット公開: インターネットでどこからでも閲覧可能です。
    • 国立国会図書館/図書館送信資料: 図書館向けデジタル化資料送信サービスを通して閲覧可能です。
    • 国立国会図書館内限定: 国立国会図書館の施設内(東京本館、関西館、国際子ども図書館)でのみ閲覧できる資料です。


  • The Making of the Modern World (Part I, II)RemoteAccess
    [Social Sciences, Humanities]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index,

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited書籍: 1468-1914
    定期刊行物: 1695-1914(創刊年)
    Social Sciences, Humanities


    <Part I>
    ロンドン大学ゴールドスミス文庫、ハーバード大学クレス文庫の所蔵する、15世紀半ばから1850年までの社会科学関係書籍、および同年代に創刊された定期刊行物を収録した『Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature』(マイクロフィルム版)の全文。

    <Part II>

  • 日本語研究・日本語教育文献データベースFree

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1950-CurrentHumanities
  • Web OYA-bunko 教育機関版 (大宅壮一文庫雑誌記事索引)RemoteAccess
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index

    Limit on Number of Users:11988-CurrentHumanities, Social Sciences

    This database is based on "大宅壮一文庫雑誌記事索引", article index of popular magazines in Japan collected by the critic Oya Soichi. About 3.5 million articles since 1988 are included.

      ★How to Log In and Log Out
    1. Click the "Web OYA-bunko 教育機関版 (大宅壮一文庫雑誌記事索引)" link.
    2. The Web OYA-bunko home page appears, and click the "[ログイン]" button on the center of the screen.
    3. The number of concurrent users is one. When you finish using the database, click the "ログアウト" button on the upper right corner of the screen immediately. (If you do not perform any operations for a certain period, the system will automatically disconnect your session.)
  • ざっさくプラス(Zassaku plus : Database for Japanese Magazine and Periodicals From Meiji Era to the Present)RemoteAccess
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index

    Limit on Number of Users:11868-CurrentHumanities, Social Sciences

    A database that seamlessly searches articles of the Japanese journal from the Meiji to the present. ※ You can print out data only within the range that you need as an individual, but you can not provide data or a copy of that data to a third party regardless of charge or gratuities. ※ You can not copy data to USB memory or any other electronic medium.

  • ABSEES (American Bibliography of Slavic & Eastern European Studies)RemoteAccess FullText
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1990-CurrentHumanities, Social Sciences
    東欧・中欧・ロシア・NIS諸国に関して,米国およびカナダで出版された雑誌論文・図書・学位論文・オンラインリソース・官庁刊行物が収録されており,分野は,人類学・文化・芸術・経済・教育・地理に及びます。 1990年以降のデータが収録され,2005年9月現在,約65,000件。
    検索マニュアル  EBSCOhost
    EndNoteでも使用できます。Amer Bib Slavic Studies (EBSCO) へ接続してください。
  • alapage.comFree
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Publication/Bibliographic Information

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedHumanities, Social Sciences
  • Book Review Digest PlusRemoteAccess FullText
    [Humanities]Book Reviews

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1983-CurrentHumanities
    This database contains information from approximately 110 magazines and book reviews related to science, human science and social science published in the United States, Canada and Britain.
    User Guides   ・EBSCOhost
  • buchhandel.deFree
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Publication/Bibliographic Information

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedHumanities, Social Sciences
  • China National Knowledge Infrastracture (CNKI)RemoteAccess
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]

    Limit on Number of Users:31994-Current
    Humanities, Social Sciences

    Of CNKI, Hokkaido University has introduced the following service.

    • 4 subjects of China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ): Literature/History/Philosophy, Politics/Military Affairs/Law, Education/Social Sciences, Economy/Management
      It contains full-text articles from 1994 onward from more than 3,800 core academic journals on the above subjects published in mainland China.
    • Archives:Century Journals Project (CJP) (Politics/Military Affairs/Law)
      You can use CJP in the same way as CAJ. Access CJP via CAJ Cross-database search "China Academic Journals Full-text Database" or CAJ Single Database Search "Century Journals Project".

    ●User's guides (in Japanese) to the new version KNS5.5: [new features] [China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ)]

  • integrumRemoteAccess
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Newspapers, , Statistics

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedHumanities, Social Sciences

    ※Access the above URL and click [Enter (no registration)] button to connect.

    This is an online collection that includes Russia and former Soviet Union republics materials such as Russian central/regional newspapers and periodicals. More than 400 million documents from more than 5,000 titles/resources are included.

      ★Main Menu
    • Artefact…Search documents by query
    • Dictionary of word frequency (beta)…10,000 most mentioned Russian words
    • People today…100 most mentioned people in the press
    • Comparative and relative statistics…Graphical analysis of references to particular objects in the mass media
    • Teletype…Real time news
    • Who? Where? When?…Person-Position-Organization

    About "integrum" (User's Manual in Japanese included)
    User's Manual (Russian)
    User's Manual (English)

  • MLA Directory of PeriodicalsRemoteAccess FullText
    [Humanities]Publication/Bibliographic Information

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1963-CurrentHumanities
    This database is connected to MLA International Bibliography.It contains bibliographic information on more than 5,500 magazines, mainly those contained in MLA International Bibliography.
    User Guides    EBSCOhost
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  • MLA International BibliographyRemoteAccess FullText

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1963-CurrentHumanities
    Database of the fields of literature, linguistics and folklore.It contains more than 1.5 million materials from over 4,400 magazines and periodical publications and 1,000 books, research reports and conference minutes.
    User Guides   EBSCOhost
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  • Oxford English DictionaryRemoteAccess

    Limit on Number of Users:UnlimitedHumanities
    This collection of dictionaries is one of the world's most prestigious and covers the development of and changes to the English language from the mid-11th century to the present from a historical perspective. The second edition and supplements from 1989 are provided online. "Historical Thesaurus of the OED" is also available.
    For details of use, read Help.
  • 臺灣日治時期統計資料庫 (台湾日治時期統計資料庫―台湾日本統治時代統計データベース)Free
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Statistics,

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited1895-1945Humanities, Social Sciences
    • データ閲覧は、依類別瀏覽(分類別閲覧)と依書名瀏覽(書名による閲覧)が可能。
    • データ検索は、關鍵字(キーワード)、書名、表の名称、目次、年代、典藏單位(所蔵機関)等からの検索が可能。
  • Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography (UDB-BIB)RemoteAccess
    [Humanities, Social Sciences]Bibliographies/Abstracts/Index

    Limit on Number of Users:Unlimited2014Humanities, Social Sciences


    “Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography (UDB-BIB)”は 下記8タイトルを収録したロシアの総合書誌データベースです。
    - Картографическая летопись(地図年報)
    - Книжная летопись(図書週報)
    - Летопись авторефератов диссертаций(学位論文要旨月報)
    - Летопись газетных статей(新聞記事週報)
    - Летопись изоизданий(芸術季報)
    - Летопись рецензий(書評月報)
    - Летопись журнальных статей(雑誌記事週報)
    - Нотная летопись(音楽季報)

    - Книжная летопись(図書週報)
    - Летопись газетных статей(新聞記事週報)
    - Летопись журнальных статей(雑誌記事週報)