Notice of copying

1. The copy machines have been established in order to copy library materials. Please refrain from copying personal belongings. (For example, your notebooks)
2. Copy of the entire book is prohibited. Less than half of the book may be copied.
3. For each article in a periodical, if the issue has been published for a considerable period of time (next issue has been published, or three months have passed after publication), you can get a copy of the whole article. The latest issue will be treated the same as the above 2.
4. Number of copies is allowed only 1 per person.
5. Copying is allowed only for user's own investigation or research.
6. Please confirm the pledge of the Application Form for Copy, fill out the form, and submit to the counter.

Copyright Act, Article 31 (Reproduction in libraries, etc.)

On copying, you should be aware of Copyright Act.
In consideration of the social function of the library, Copyright Act has "Reproduction in libraries, etc." in Article 31. On copying in the library, please keep in mind the following terms.
If you do not know about copying (copyright), please feel free to ask at the counter.

Copyright Act (Excerpts)


(Reproduction in libraries, etc.)
Article 31
In the following cases, it shall be permissible to reproduce a work included in library materials (in this Article, "library materials" means books, documents and other materials held in [the collection of] libraries, etc.) as an activity falling within the scope of the non-profit-making activities of libraries, etc. (in this Article, "libraries, etc." means libraries and other establishments designated by Cabinet Order and having among their purposes, the providing of library materials for use by the public):
where, in response to the request of a user of a library, etc. and for the purpose of his research or study, such user is furnished with a single reproduction of (a) a part of a work already made public, or (b) in the case of an individual work reproduced in a periodical already published for a considerable period of time, all of such individual work;
where the reproduction is necessary for the purpose of preserving library materials;
where, in response to the request of other libraries, etc., a reproduction of [a work constituting] library materials is furnished because such work is difficult to obtain due to such work being out of print or other similar reasons.