What is Library Catalog?

Using Library Catalog, you can search books, periodicals and e-journals that Hokkaido University is holding.

However, by Library Catalog, the articles that are published in periodicals and etc. cannot be searched.
* For searching articles, please use special databases.

More information on how to search, please refer to the help.

Materials that be searched

  • Books (including periodicals, newspapers, etc.)
  • Audio-visual materials (DVDs, video cassettes, CDs, etc.)
  • Microforms (microfilms, microfiches)
  • E-journals and e-books that are subscribed by Hokkaido University

Keywords for searching

    • Keywords in title
    • Author, editor, etc.
    • Publisher
    • Subject headings (words that represents a theme that has been treated in the book)
    • ISBN (International Standard Book Number; 10 or 13 digits)
    • ISSN (International Standard Serial Number; 8 digits)
    • Book ID (Control number of the books in Hokkaido University; 10 digits)


      ... etc.