書誌ID タイトル 巻号
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2001128977 A guide to Nō / by P.G. O'Neill
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2000964796 A history of Japan / by James Murdoch v. 2
2000964796 A history of Japan / by James Murdoch v. 3
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2000793587 A journal from Japan : a daily record of life as seen by a scientist / by Marie C. Stopes
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2001130868 Activities of The Population Problems Research Council
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2001129609 Death in life : the survivors of Hiroshima / by Robert Jay Lifton
2001128964 Defiance in Manchuria : the making of Japanese foreign policy, 1931-1932 / by Sadako N. Ogata
2001128964 Defiance in Manchuria : the making of Japanese foreign policy, 1931-1932 / by Sadako N. Ogata
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2001130037 Facing two ways : the story of my life / Baroness Shidzué Ishimoto
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2001129778 Feudal and modern Japan / by Arthur May Knapp v. 1
2001129778 Feudal and modern Japan / by Arthur May Knapp v. 2
2001130473 Five Mountains : the Rinzai Zen monastic institution in medieval Japan / Martin Collcutt
2000091381 Five gentlemen of Japan : the portrait of a nation's character / Frank Gibney
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2000411876 Foundations of constitutional government in modern Japan 1868-1900 / George Akita
2001130458 Fábrica británica, fábrica japonesa : los orígenes de la diversidad nacional de relaciones laborales / Ronald Dore ; [traducción, Esther Rabasco]
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2000162551 Gleanings in Buddha-fields : studies of hand and soul in the Far East / by Lafcadio Hearn
2001129573 Government and politics in Japan : the road to democracy / by John McGilvrey Maki
2000683474 Hawaii's Japanese : an experiment in democracy / by Andrew W. Lind
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2001128566 Hermann Roesler and the making of the Meiji state : an examination of his background and his influence on the founders of modern Japan & the complete text of the Meiji Constitution accompanied by his personal commentaries and notes / Johannes Siemes
2000837896 Hermann Roesler and the making of the Meiji state : with his commentaries on the Meiji Constitution / Johannes Siemes
2001129638 Highways and homes of Japan / by Lady Lawson
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2001130109 Home life in Tokyo / by Jukichi Inouye
2001128693 Honda : the man and his machines / Sol Sanders
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2001129713 Inter-prefectural migration in Japan, 1956 and 1961 : migration stream analysis / by Shigemi Kono, Mitsuru Shio
2001128980 Internal migration of rural population in Japan / By Shigeo Noziri
2001130012 International House of Japan Library acquisition list No. 1 : Japan
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2000081033 Japan's nuclear option : political, technical, and strategic factors / John E. Endicott
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2000102611 K.B.S. bibliography of standard reference books for Japanese studies, with descriptive notes / compiled by Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai v. 3. Pt. 2
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2000840058 Le Japon de nos jours et les échelles de l'Extrême Orient : ouvrage contenant trois cartes / Georges Bousquet t. 1
2000840058 Le Japon de nos jours et les échelles de l'Extrême Orient : ouvrage contenant trois cartes / Georges Bousquet t. 2
2001129232 Le Japon moderne : son évolution / Ludovic Naudeau
2000030569 Le sauvage et l'artifice : les Japonais devant la nature / Augustin Berque
2001129108 Les attitudes des japonais envers la religion / Sigeki Nisihira
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2000153357 Manpower policy in Japan / Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
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2001130467 Personality in Japanese history / introduced and edited by Albert M. Craig and Donald H. Shively
2001130459 Personality patterns and problems of adjustment in American-Japanese intercultural marriages / by George A. Devos = 美日雜婚的調節問題 / 臺福士著
2000382469 Political thought in early Meiji Japan, 1868-1889 / Joseph Pittau
2000403179 Politics in Japan : a country study / Frank Langdon
2001130048 Population pressure and economic life in Japan / by Ryoichi Ishii
2001130151 Population problems in post war Japan, now facing their transitional difficulties / by Tatsuo Honda v. 1
2001130151 Population problems in post war Japan, now facing their transitional difficulties / by Tatsuo Honda v. 2
2001130462 Present-day Japan / by Augusta M. Campbell Davidson
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2001128844 Recent Japanese philosophical thought, 1862-1962 : a survey / Gino K. Piovesana
2001129070 Religion and society in modern Japan : continuity and change / Edward Norbeck
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2001128748 Resolution for diffusion of family planning as population policy
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2000088047 Revolt in Japan : the young officers and the February 26, 1936 incident
2000232111 Rural society in Japan / Tadashi Fukutake ; translated by the staff of the Japan Interpreter
2000673720 Secrets of Japan : reveals the real secrets of Japan's phenomenal rise to power : a book entirely free from political prejudices or controversies / Chaman Lal ; with a foreword by S. Takahashi
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2001130604 Shinjō : the chronicle of a Japanese village / translated and with an introd. by Keith Brown
2001130327 Shūshin : the ethics of a defeated nation / by Robert King Hall
2000437182 Social and economic aspects of Japan : Seijo Gakuen jubilee year 1917-1967 / edited by Naosaku Uchida and Kotaro Ikeda
2001127603 Social change and the city in Japan : from earliest times through the industrial revolution / by Takeo Yazaki
2000049558 Social change and the individual : Japan before and after defeat in World War II / by Kazuko Tsurumi
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2001128431 Social security of Japan
2001130474 Socialist parties in postwar Japan / Allan B. Cole, George O. Totten and Cecil H. Uyehara, with a contributed chapter by Roland P. Dore
2001128420 Some facts about family planning in Japan
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2000087401 Teachers and politics in Japan / by Donald R. Thurston
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2001130730 The ABC of Japanese art / by J.F. Blacker
2000028550 The Ainu of Northern Japan : a study in conquest and acculturation / Takakura Shinichirō ; translated and annotated by John A. Harrison
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2001129670 The Canadian Japanese and World War II : a sociological and psychological account / by Forrest E La Violette
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