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Library northern campus

Reading in the Library MembersPermitted
Non MembersIf you don't belong to Hokkado University, please show the librarian your identification card.
Taking out on loan MembersPlease show the librarian your student card or library card.
Borrowing Books : 3 vols, 3 weeks (Journals are not circulating materials)
Non MembersNot permitted. For use only in the library.
Photocopying MembersCRC staff and students: The copier in the library is available with your chair's copy card. If you belong to another department, present the librarian with the "Copy Use Slip" that your faculty library issued. For research purposes only.
Non MembersIf you don't belong to Hokkaido University, you can use a self-service copier in the University Coop. For research pourposes only.
Inter Library Loan Please request through NACSIS-ILL
Open Mon.-Fri. (9:00-17:00)
Closed Sat., Sun., National holidays, 12/28-1/4
Misc Please visit our library webpage
Contact Library northern campus Hokkaido University (TEL)011-706-9106 (e-mail)