Cent.Lib.,Books(European Lang.) Closed Stacks 4F

These materials are shelved in the Closed-Stacks 4F of the Central Library.

Graduate students or staff of Hokkaido Univ. can enter the Closed-Stacks. Undergraduate students should ask at the general counter.

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Description University members will need a library card, staff card or student card.
Visitors will be asked identification at the general counter.
Map *Closed-Stacks 4F of the Central Library*

Using the materials 【Reading in the Library】Ask at the counter.
【Borrowing】Ask at the counter.
【Photocopying】You can copy the materials yourself. Please make sure that you keep within the limits allowed by Japanese copyright law.
Inter Library Loan Please request through NACSIS-ILL.
Open 【OPEN】MON-FRI 9:00-20:00 (16:40 during vacation)
WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS 9:00-18:30 (16:30 during vacation)
 →Library Hours
Misc Undergraduate students or visitors should fill out a 'Library material request form' and apply at the counter.
Graduate students or staff of Hokkaido Univ. can enter the Closed Stack Room.
These materials are shelved on the 4th floor and are located in Call No. order.
Contact For further information, please ask at the counter.
General Counter, Central Library, Hokkaido University (TEL)011-706-3956 (e-mail)