Changes to Remote Access Service(March 22)

The following changes to Remote Access Service made. Please note that the login process changed especially for students, faculty and staff.

Date of change : Tuesday, March 22, 2022

●How will that change? :
・Students, faculty and staff will be logged in using "Hokudai SSO".
・The ID and URL of the login screen will not change.
・Faculty and staff need to set up a one-time password for Hokudai SSO in advance.
・Bookmarks created while using Remote Access Service (with in the URL) will not work after March 22, 2022.
 Please access to those page from login screen, bookmark them again.

●Other Notices
・The login method will remain unchanged for users other than students, faculty, and staff.
・If you find any contents you cannot access after the change, please contact us from here.
・The new server is located overseas, so a slight slowdown in processing speed is expected.

Please note that the changed screen is here (PDF).

2022/03/11 11:05
update: 2022/03/22 11:26