[Central Library] Booking Service for Individual Study Booths Starts on January 28.

The Central Library starts the booking service for individual study booths on January 28.
Seven individual study booths are bookable (six for full-closed and one for semi-closed accessible-to-anyone).
Please keep in mind that you NEED to make a booking to use the study booths from January 28.

* You still can use 10 other semi-closed study booths without booking.

Booking form opens on January 21.
Bookable schedule is up to a week in advance.

Please make sure that you check the details on “Individual Study Booth Booking Service of Central Library (Only for members of HU)” beforehand and fill the booking form there.

We also ask you to ensure the study booths are available for others to use.

Thank you.

2022/01/21 14:56
update: 2022/01/24 16:22