Added on August 26, 2021 Opening schedule during summer vacation (Central Library and North Library )

Added on August 26, 2021
Due to the Planned Power Outage,
the opening hours of Central Library and North Library on Friday, 9/3/2021 will be changed to am10:30-pm3:00.

Library hours and closing days during summer vacation are as below.
For details, please check the Library calender .

Library hours during summer vacation
Central Library : Friday 20th August -Monday 20th September
North Library : Saturday 7th August -Thursday 30th September
※Please note that the period is different between Central Library and North Library.
※The opening hours of the North Library will be shortened on August 7th and 8th.
Library hours
Weekdays : 10:30~17:00
Holidays : 11:00~17:00

Shortened opening days
Due to traffic regulation for the Tokyo Olympic Marathon
Only North Library : Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th August
Library hours : 13:00 ~17:00
※Central Library will open from 9:00 to 20:00 both days.
To maintain the facility
Central Library : Thursday 26th August
Library hours : 13:00~17:00
North Library : Thursday 2nd September
Library hours : 13:00~17:00

Closing days
For energy saving measures during the summer
Central Library : Monday 23th -Wednesday 25th August
North Library : Wednesday 11th -Friday 13th August
Power failure of University
Both the Central Library and North Library : Saturday 4th-Sunday 5th September

Parts of library services are unavailable.
Please check here.
The schedule depends on the levels of Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
When BCP Level is changed, the schedule is changed too.
*For non-members of Hokkaido University
Central library and North library are not available for non-members of HU at this time.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Central Library
North Library
TEL:(011)706-5575 FAX:(011)706-7851

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