Workshop on SciFindern in English will be held online on Oct. 27-29th! (Workshop Series on Chemical Information Databases)

We will hold online workshops on chemical information databases "SciFindern" and "Reaxys", with which you can search substances, reactions and papers.(Japanese page is Click here!
Please take this opportunity to master how to use both databases and use them for learning and research!

■ What is SciFindern?
SciFindern is an essential tool for chemists, with which they can comprehensively search chemicals and reaction information in addition to papers and patents!
[Click here for more information on SciFindern]

■ What is this Workshop?
・This Workshop will be held in "Zoom".
・A professional instructor shows you how to use it. Your questions will be accepted via chat at the end of the workshop.
・You can receive to the explanation while actually operating it. In that case, please create an account here on campus, or here off-campus by the day of the workshop(*). When creating an account, only the email address of can be used.
(*)When you access from off-campus, you have to login to remote access service.
・If you want to access SciFindern from off-campus on the day of the workshop, please click here. At the time you have to login to remote access service.
・There are English course;
Basic (JPN / ENG): For first-time users
This course will explain SciFindern literature search, substance search from basic structure drawing, reaction search,
and how to save the results of them.

■ How to participate in Workshop
Those who wish to participate please apply in advance from the "Apply" button below.
・After completing the application, an application acceptance email will be send. Please check the Zoom URL and notes on the day of the Workshop in the email.

Date Course / Time Application
Tue. Oct. 27th Basic (JPN)
Basic (ENG)
Wed. Oct. 28th Basic (ENG)
Basic (JPN)
Advanced (JPN)
Thu. Oct. 29th Advanced (JPN)

Join also the workshop on "Reaxys"! Click here!


SciFinder-n Workshop Team, Hokkaido University Library
E-mail: kitacam [at]

2020/10/09 16:25