“SciFinder Start-up Guidance” is held on Oct. 8-15

Before the workshop on SciFinder (Advanced Course) on Oct. 16th, "SciFinder Start-up Guidance" is held for the students, faculty and staff of CRIS, RIES, ICAT, and ARC.

With this guidance you will get the registration method, overview of a chemical information database "SciFinder" and its related information.

Reseravation is not required. If you bring your laptop and your own ID/PW of ELMS, SSO, or iiC, you can register for SciFinder on the spot during the guidance.

-- Date, Time and Language --
2019-10-08 Tue. 15:00-15:30 Japanese
2019-10-08 Tue. 16:00-16:30 Simple English
2019-10-09 Wed. 15:00-15:30 Japanese
2019-10-09 Wed. 16:00-16:30 Simple English
2019-10-10 Thu. 15:00-15:30 Japanese
2019-10-10 Thu. 16:00-16:30 Simple English
2019-10-11 Fri. 15:00-15:30 Japanese
2019-10-11 Fri. 16:00-16:30 Simple English
2019-10-15 Tue. 15:00-15:30 Japanese
2019-10-15 Tue. 16:00-16:30 Simple English
* The content is the same for all sessions.

-- Place --
Northern Campus Library (Northern Campus Building No. 5 (RIES) 1F)

-- Contact --
Northern Campus Library

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