Hokkaido University adopts the new open access policy at June 25

(Approval by Board of Executives on June 25, 2019)

Hokkaido University is committed to disseminating the fruits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible. In keeping with this commitment, Hokkaido University adopts the Open Access Policy, and dedicates itself to increasing knowledge, and contributing to regional and international societies.

◆Hokkaido University Open Access Policy (PDF: in English, in Japanese)

<Major revised points>

・As a general rule, all scholarly articles shall be made publicly available under the new policy except when deemed necessary and unavoidable. (in contrast to "strongly recommend" under the former policy)

・ Author may choose methods for allowing access other than "HUSCAP: Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers". (e.g. an open access journal, an open access repository by an external organization, etc.)

※ "How to post your papers to HUSCAP" ⇒ https://eprints.lib.hokudai.ac.jp/dspace/staff/index.jsp

Further help and information:
Hokkaido University Library
E-mail : js[at]lib.hokudai.ac.jp

2019/06/28 17:48
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