PubMed now provides 1-click access to HUSCAP

Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers (HUSCAP) has joined the PubMed Institutional Repository LinkOut Service for the purpose of improving the visibility of our research results.

This provides a link from the PubMed to the academic articles in HUSCAP*.
*Excluding papers deposited at PMC etc.

The "Hokkaido Univ. Free Full Text" icon appears in the upper right corner.

Why not publish your papers via HUSCAP, which is more accessible?
Why not publish your article online? (Only available on campus)

Contact :
Medical Sciences Group, Research Support Division, Hokkaido University Library
E-MAIL: literacy02[at]

2019/06/11 14:40
update: 2019/06/24 13:06