Workshop on Reaxys in English is held on Apr. 18-19th! (Workshop Series on Chemical Information Databases)

We will hold workshops on chemical information databases "SciFinder" and "Reaxys", with which you can search substances, reactions and papers.(Japanese page is Click here!
Please take this opportunity to master how to use both databases and use them for learning and research!
Reaxys is a largest chemical database in the world that records chemical reaction information and measured physical property values! A professional instructor will lecture on how to use it. He will also answer your daily questions.
[Click here for more information on Reaxys]
Basic Course: For first-time users
This course will explain the basic operation centering on reaction search, substance search, and synthesis planning tool usage.
Advanced Course: For those already using
This course will explain techniques to reduce search noise such as control of the site where substituents are generated.
All the students, faculty, and staff of Hokkaido University can join any venue regardless of the department.
Those who wish to participate please apply in advance from the "Apply" button below because of the limited seating.

Date / Place / Application
Date Place Course / Language / Time Application
Thu. Apr. 18th Faculty of Engineering Venue
[Up to 12 People]
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology BLDG 2F Study room (2-07)


Thu. Apr. 18th Faculty of Science Venue
[Up to 15 People]
School of Science BLDG. 8, 1F Information media education center computer room (1-04) Basic & Advanced
Fri. Apr. 19th Faculty of Fisheries Sciences Venue
[Up to 49 People]
Faculty of Fisheries Sciences Lecture-room BLDG 2F Computer room Basic

Join also the workshop on "SciFinder" of the same week! Click here!


Faculty of Engineering Library, Hokkaido University
E-mail: eng [at]

Faculty of Science Library, Hokkaido University
E-mail: sci [at]

Faculty of Fisheries Sciences Library, Hokkaido University
E-mail: fish [at]

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