Library service restriction (for Non-members of Hokkaido University)

Due to the University examination period, Central and North library will limit our library service for non-members of Hokkaido University (HU) only to check-out and return.

Library service restriction period
・Central Library : Monday 16 January - Thursday 9 February 2017
・North Library : Monday 16 January - Monday 6 February 2017

*Non-members of HU are asked to refrain from using reading desks during the period.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Article 19 (3) In cases where the reading rooms, etc. are congested on account of a University examination period, etc., and in cases there is concern that there may be obstacles to learning or educational research at the University, the Director may restrict the use of the University
Library by library users.

2016/12/22 17:36