Closed Date on New Year Holidays and Change in Book Due Date

The Central and North Library will be closed during the following year-end and New Year period.

CLOSED: Wednesday 28 December 2016 - Tuesday 3 January 2017
*We are open until 5:00p.m. on 27 Dec. 2016 and will be on service again from 4 Jan. 2017.
*On 4th January, central library will be closed at 10:00p.m., and North Library at 5:00p.m..

1. In the closed period, please return books into the book drops (return posts) in front of the Central and North Library.

2. Your due date is going to be extended to 4 Jan. 2017 regarding the open stack books loaned during 14-20 Dec. 2016.

2016/12/07 14:53