【Restart】 【Note】「Medical*Online」is unavailable (2015/7/2)

Access licence to 「Medical*Online」became valid.


When you access to E-journals,please comply with following notice.
Thanks for your patience.

「Medical*Online」(http://www.medicalonline.jp/)is currentry unavailable because of mass downloads.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We will update the news when more information becomes available.

==Important notice for using E-journals==
When you access to E-journals,you are required to comply with the license conditions set by publishers.
All publishers prohibit the following actions.

・Mass downloards or excessive access by programmatically or even by manually.
・Usage downloaded contents beyond private learning or research activity.
・Copy,translate,modify, or distributing of the contents.

In case that you violate the license conditions, our license to access from campus will be suspended.

2015/07/03 09:00
update: 2016/12/22 11:56