The database “理科年表プレミアム” is available

The library now has access to the database "理科年表プレミアム" as follows. You can use it on any terminals with Internet access within the campus.

●About "理科年表プレミアム"
This is an online version of '理科年表' (Chronological Scientific Tables), a book that provides scientific data of almanac, astronomy, meteorology, phisics/chemistry, earth sciences, biology, and environment edited by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Using this database, you can search for and view data from the first issue in 1925 (Taisho 14) to the latest one.

●Trial period: from January 4 to March 31, 2013
* To be officially introduced in April 2013

●Access "理科年表プレミアム" from the "Databases" page on the library's website.

●When you use databases, the following actions are prohibited.
1. Distributing data from the trial to a third party.
2. Using data from the trial for purposes other than individual research or education.
3. Violating copyrights of data from the trial.

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